Working with Zahava created a soft openness and delicious awareness of my inner strength, balance and beauty.- Isabella, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Health Coach
I can happily say working with Zahava was one of the most profound spiritual journeys I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing in my life.- Diana Ferrante, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Intuitive Advisor
Zahava's work has returned me to the natural state of being my most loving and most beloved self. - Emily Tepper, Receptivity Coach & Craniosacral Therapist
This was exactly what I needed to rebalance myself. I was able to release the week’s stress and gain confidence in being the clear minded and moving bodied me that I want to be. - An overworking teacher
Zahava gave me the nurturing excavation tools to my inner realms that have been yearning to moan, be touched, to be remembered, honored, revered, and celebrated.- Jennifer Maeve
This work not only supported me grounding in my own feminine experience, but it translated into my work as a coach--allowing a new depth of connection with my clients and their own sacred and sexual journeys.- Dana, Certified Life Coach
Thank you for holding and creating such beautiful space for my own feminine to unfold and reveal herself to me through my body.- Elizabeth Joy Mueller, Business Coach & Intuitive Guide

Testimonials from Leaders

What students say about Zahava’s Workshops

Zahava is for real. She lives what she teaches and her work is always growing and evolving…She has an infectious joy, and a fierce honesty. Her work is deeply rooted in the body, keeping students grounded and integrating insights into the flesh.”~ Ruth Vincent, author & educator

“I keep making myself giggle by tightening my pelvic floor muscles in a ripple/wave from back to front and front to back.  Zahava has totally transformed my relationship with and perception of the muscles in the pelvic floor!” ~ Faye Hermine, Erotic Health Consultant,

Zahava is bold about sharing directly from the body as an erotic vehicle. This is a gift not many teachers trained in yoga and so forth are open or ready to share. She’s an expert in what she knows, and she knows it thoroughly enough to explain in detail from the anatomical perspective as well as socio-cultural, esoteric and psychological. She’s completely committed to transformation…she embodies what she teaches!” ~ Anita Teresa Boeninger, Founder of Embodied Femme

Zahava navigates the mystical, the biological, the etheric, and artistic sensual landscape of what it means to be a woman. Her work caresses, awakens, inspires, expands, and ignites the erotic spirit and moves a woman into her next stage of evolution. She meets seasoned and budding sensualists where they are and unfolds them to their next layer of beauty, poetry, and Goddess-hood.” ~ Isis Phoenix, Sensual Shaman

“I came to Zahava’s workshop knowing I loved the way she expressed herself through her dance. Little did I know she’d give me the nurturing excavation tools to my inner realms that have been yearning to moan, be touched, to be remembered, honored, revered, and celebrated. Zahava reminds us that everything in our lives is inextricably linked and we can use these connections to re-establish a sense of wholeness through our sensuality, which is the basis upon which all of life flows.” ~ Jennifer Maeve, artist, documentary creator

“I’m trained as a hatha yoga instructor but Zahava’s work is the missing piece in the holistic body experience and enjoyment and appreciation of our body and spirit.” ~ S.J.

“This was exactly what I needed to rebalance myself. Through Zahava’s supportive and energetic guidance I was able to release the week’s stress and gain confidence in being the clear minded and moving bodied me that I want to be.” ~ an anonysmous overworking teacher

“Zahava is an amazing woman, dancer, lover, and total Goddess! She guides an exploration of one’s genuine sensual side using dance, movement, sound, and all the senses to delight and expand and explore! Thank you for holding and creating such beautiful space for my own feminine to unfold and reveal herself to me through my body.” ~ Elizabeth Joy Mueller, Anthropologist of the Soul

“Zahava is a dynamic mover and gentle teacher. Her energy leads without words.” ~ Tammy Wise, Tao Minister

“As a Goddess two decades in the making…I have witnessed our Sacred Sexual Community Grow! In that time I have experienced several different “so called” healers goddesses etc. express their Sacred Sexual message in various forms… the courage it takes to stand in this personal spiritual energy is not easy and comes with Social conflicts. What I love about Zahava is her ability to grow and her willingness to learn from every aspect of her life. I have felt the need to be present in her gatherings for my own personal process that has been very profound for me. A woman has to be able to stand firm in her clear vision as a dancer healer naked and real in order for me to get something out of it. She is a woman that possesses the “conviction” I speak of. Her spiritual essence is a Female Kali Presence that is able to gently or roughly pull you the seeker into the space you need to become whole.  For people that enjoy the movements of the body as a vehicle to knowing the Divine within, this is Zahava’s most amazing ability. May Love Making Dances continue to serve through her vision and conviction to love.” ~ Rev. Goddess Charmaine

What clients say about Zahava’s Bodywork

“Zahava gave me a beautiful session fueled by her dedication and grounded passion.  I felt completely held and safe during our time together supported by her focused energy and presence, melting at the magic of her gifted hands.  I so appreciate the space she created for me as I’m usually the one holding others.   Zahava introduced me to her ocean drum and my whole body reverberated cleansed and renewed by the raindrops of sound.  She is an insightful coach engaging a unique fusion of powerful elements to refresh and renew.  Using insightful questions she inspires with clear direction – a delight to experience and a gem to enjoy.” ~ Caroline Carrington, Jewel in the Lotus Coaching for Conscious Relationship & Intimacy

“Receiving bodywork from Zahava Griss is a great gift. I have never experienced anything quite like it. I found that Zahava’s touch, while efficiently working with my physical body, went layers deeper and adjusted my energy body as well. Curious, brilliant, and open to transformative experiences, I felt Zahava willing to investigate and have a conversation with the spirit that resides in my body. She intuited it’s needs, wishes, and proceeded to address them with great sensitivity and willingness. I felt safe and taken care of on many levels. I can liken my experience with Zahava to what I imagine it might feel like to be in the womb. Her touch moved effortlessly with the sinews of my body, almost like liquid. After our session, when I went to sleep, my body seemed to be re-experiencing, or continuing the experience of Zahava’s bodywork in my dreams. A deep and transformative experience, indeed!” ~ Joy Radish, Yoga Teacher & Drama Therapist

“I am in complete gratitude for the AMAZING bodywork session I had with Zahava some weeks ago. I can happily say it was one of the most profound spiritual journeys I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing in my life…. It was pure magic… So many insights, so many spiritual visions, so much healing! And my body of course was on cloud 9 with Zahava’s deeply therapeutic touch. The sacred space she creates through her sensitivity, presence, care, generosity & love is extraordinary. Zahava is truly a gifted healer… And I love, love, love her sessions! Can’t wait to make them a regular part of my week! ~ Diana Ferrante, Yoga & Feminine Fitness Teacher, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Intuitive Advisor

“Zahava has a unique approach to her bodywork, a beautiful intersection where softness meets power. The softness makes my heart feel heard and the power makes my muscles feel better. As a fellow bodyworker, it gives me great pleasure to recommend her work and write this testimonial.”
~ Robert Wolf, Wellness Innovator at Google & former faculty at Swedish Insitute

“Zahava held the energetic space beautifully, she checked in and attuned to my body with both intuitive and practiced skill. I felt incredibly relaxed and well-cared for afterward, in every way. It is obvious to me that Zahava takes this work seriously as a sacred path, and I am grateful to receive this gift that she so lovingly gives.” ~ Teeni Dakini, Energy Awareness & Tantric Educator

“Zahava has the uncanny ability of speaking the body’s language. Her extensive training along with her innate, unparalleled intuition make Zahava one of the most exceptional body workers I have worked with. Being a bodyworker myself, I appreciate how Zahava takes time to allow the body to reveal itself to her. She delved gently into my energy-field and reminded me of my wholeness. Like a gentle bud uncurling its delicate petals in spring, I left the session with a soft openness and delicious awareness of my inner strength, balance and beauty.” ~ Isabella, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Health Coach

“My session with Zahava was beautiful and transformative! She held space for me with such love and compassion, that I was able to open my heart from deep within to release and heal old traumas from the past. I felt so nurtured, like being cradled in the arms of the Mother. My healing process continued for days after-what an empowering experience!” ~ Maryanne Savino, Sonic Alchemyst, Temple Dancer and Chantress

“Zahava offers a deepeing into the truth of yourself and into the truth of your natural state of pure love. Her work has returned me to the natural state of being my most loving and most beloved self. I highly recommend her work because it works.” ~ Emily Tepper, Ritual Designer & Craniosacral Therapist

“I highly recommend Zahava’s approach to therapeutic touch! As an instructor of bodywork, it is on occasion my privilege to meet an individual with unique talents such as hers. Her greatest gift is her extraordinarily present attention. She practices what might be described as, cellular listening. To be worked on by her is similar to overhearing an intensely intimate conversation between two lovers. The “lovers” of course are her hands, and your body. I highly recommend her work.” ~ William Hedberg, Director of Shen Tao Studio

I have received massage on a regular basis for almost thirty years. Zahava just gave me one of the two best bodywork sessions I have ever received. Her depth of knowledge, awareness, sensitivity and care are a positively potent combination. She is extraordinarily present, wise and generous. If you are going to run in any direction, I would offer that you don’t walk but turn toward Zahava and run to receive an experience that is a healing treasure. ~Lori Hanau, Global Round Table Leadership

“Zahava has a light comforting presence, focused attention, and a dancer’s intuitive understanding of the body.” ~ Jacob Robinette, Deep Body Therapy

“Zahava brings a gentle attentiveness and body-listening to her work that makes you feel nurtured and heard in many layers. The practice is calming and deeply effective although its ocean-like waves and pressure may trick you into thinking otherwise. It’s a moment to breathe that continues beyond the session.” ~ Kristen Schifferdecker, Certified Life Coach, Astrologer

“I had the privilege of a luxurious session with Zahava. Not only was my body in heaven as she awakened and nourished my muscles, but throughout the whole experience, I drifted into the embodiments of various animals moving through water or air: I felt the strong feathers of a heron, the long neck of a sea turtle, the fluidity of a sting ray. Zahava’s hands and sensitivity invite you to slip into that delicious space. Thank you Zahava!” ~ Susan Hannah, Dance Education Consultant

“Zahava created the most beautiful and private space to do healing work with me. It reached far beyond her gentle and loving touch. She supported me in relaxing and returning to my body, and helped me to release a lot of energy that I had been holding on to for far too long. I hope to continue to see her regularly. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will be truly blessed.” ~ Adam Flores, Queer Artist & Herbalist

“I felt like I was floating in wave after wave in the ocean. The whole experience surrounded me, fluidly wrapping me in warmth, self-love, and nurturance.” ~ Anita Boeninger, Integrative Health Educator & Artist

“I felt deeply cared for and nourished in my bodywork session with Zahava. Her touch is tender and intuitive and the amount of presence she offers is deeply grounding and nourishing. Zahava creates a serene environment that allows for vulnerability and safety, expansion and stability, release and support.” ~ Isis Phoenix, Sensual Shaman

“I came to Zahava from mothering, assisting others in childbirth, and touring with my band for 2 weeks. Walking into Zahava’s peaceful space, I surrendered without even noticing the detachment from my fatigue into a gentle, soothing and nourishing bodywork. There was a certain choreography that guided my experience, it was more than bodywork, it was an energetic meditation.” ~Sokhna Heathyre, Yoga Teacher, Doula, Mother, Artist

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