Working with Zahava created a soft openness and delicious awareness of my inner strength, balance and beauty.- Isabella, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Health Coach
I can happily say working with Zahava was one of the most profound spiritual journeys I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing in my life.- Diana Ferrante, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Intuitive Advisor
Zahava's work has returned me to the natural state of being my most loving and most beloved self. - Emily Tepper, Receptivity Coach & Craniosacral Therapist
This was exactly what I needed to rebalance myself. I was able to release the week’s stress and gain confidence in being the clear minded and moving bodied me that I want to be. - An overworking teacher
Zahava gave me the nurturing excavation tools to my inner realms that have been yearning to moan, be touched, to be remembered, honored, revered, and celebrated.- Jennifer Maeve
This work not only supported me grounding in my own feminine experience, but it translated into my work as a coach--allowing a new depth of connection with my clients and their own sacred and sexual journeys.- Dana, Certified Life Coach
Thank you for holding and creating such beautiful space for my own feminine to unfold and reveal herself to me through my body.- Elizabeth Joy Mueller, Business Coach & Intuitive Guide

Embody More Love Movement Practice

Benefits for your Body:

  • Release tension with a focus on opening the neck, shoulders, back, and face
  • Breathe more! More oxygen and more release of toxins!
  • Activate all 4 abdominal groups for intelligent core strength
  • Decompress the spine to increase a fluid range of motion
  • Activate parasympathetic nervous system to soothe fight, flight, or collapse
  • Create awareness, tone, and receptivity in the pelvic floor

Benefits for your Mind and Emotions:

  • Slow down sensations and emotions that may lead to fight, flight, collapse, overwhelm, or monkey mind
  • Feel safe in the body
  • Distinguish what’s yours and what’s not yours to feel (clear boundaries for sensitive empathic people!)
  • Feel relaxed and energized simultaneously, the felt sense of presence
  • Practice an easeful transition between inward presence and social presence
  • Experience a balance of containment and expansion
  • Shift from collapse and exhaustion to feeling rooted and “filling up”
  • Center your mind for clear thoughts worth thinking!
  • Integrate your sexual energy with your heart
  • Activate your body’s intelligence to focus on your life purpose
  • Shift your nervous system from “falling” to “balance,” from fear to trust
  • Explore “alignment” as a dynamic experience that invites movement (rather than needing stillness to feel aligned)
  • Identify and commit to an action today that moves your core values and awareness into physical reality

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