Working with Zahava created a soft openness and delicious awareness of my inner strength, balance and beauty.- Isabella, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Health Coach
I can happily say working with Zahava was one of the most profound spiritual journeys I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing in my life.- Diana Ferrante, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Intuitive Advisor
Zahava's work has returned me to the natural state of being my most loving and most beloved self. - Emily Tepper, Receptivity Coach & Craniosacral Therapist
This was exactly what I needed to rebalance myself. I was able to release the week’s stress and gain confidence in being the clear minded and moving bodied me that I want to be. - An overworking teacher
Zahava gave me the nurturing excavation tools to my inner realms that have been yearning to moan, be touched, to be remembered, honored, revered, and celebrated.- Jennifer Maeve
This work not only supported me grounding in my own feminine experience, but it translated into my work as a coach--allowing a new depth of connection with my clients and their own sacred and sexual journeys.- Dana, Certified Life Coach
Thank you for holding and creating such beautiful space for my own feminine to unfold and reveal herself to me through my body.- Elizabeth Joy Mueller, Business Coach & Intuitive Guide

Dance as a Revolutionary Lifestyle

This weekend I got a taste of the world I have been visioning.  Dancers came together for healing and raising feminine consciousness.

"Re-Generation" photo by Paul B. Goode

“Re-Generation” photo by Paul B. Goode

There was an honest conversation about money and how to create a group…each panelist had a really different perspective on this topic but  hey, I was so relieved we were discussing it!  We also spoke about social change, bringing dance and professional mentorship to women who become leaders in their communities.  There is a larger context for women with eating disorders, women who have experienced sexual abuse, women who don’t have a strong visceral connection to their cultural identity… and dance, yes, DANCE, as a way to reconnect and heal.

I was deeply moved to hear one of the panelist, Hanan, speaking on healing our maternal lineage.  This is the first time I have heard other dance teachers focusing on healing trauma across generations.  I was trembling with gratitude.  Since I started Love Making Dances in 2006, I have not found the companionship in values that I experienced at the Pure Bellydance Conference.  I’m so grateful to Kaeshi Chai for organizing this inspiring weekend with a team of phenomenal teachers.

One of the teachers, Antonina Canal, from Columbia has a school with over 5000 students!  She offered a workshop on the Chakras.  We spoke our intentions and engaged the consciousness of each chakra through movement.  She really called on us to use our eyes to communicate the essence of the chakras.  She embodied a lightness, an ease in her beauty.  She kept speaking about the lifestyle, not just the dance, but living as part of a revolution of feminine consciousness.

What is becoming clear for me is the direct connection between our emotional, spiritual  resources and the external financial, social, community resources.  What an incredible time to be a woman right now and feel the international movement that recognizes the medicine of dance.

The body is a map for our consciousness.  The first chakra (just in front of the anus), is the physical place in the body where we hold the victim archetype which releases us from feeling responsible for our feeling, healing, and actions.  I was so heartful to see the weekend focus on feminine consciousness without being victims!!! The dances cleanse our energy system, including the first chakra, and give us the vitality to feel responsible.  Our power is proportional to our sense of responsibility.